New IDE ctlr with VLB => Can't read Linux partitions

New IDE ctlr with VLB => Can't read Linux partitions

Post by Wayne Veille » Thu, 10 Mar 1994 04:37:23


I have a 486 DX2/66Mhz with VLB. When I installed Linux on
my machine, I didn't have an IDE VLB hard drive controller.
I heard that I will have much more power with an IDE/VLB so
I bought one. But when I installed it, it didn't mount my
hard drive as root file system. So I boot from a raw floppy
disk and tried to do a e2fsck on my disk like this:

        e2fsck -v /dev/hda1

And I received this error:

        e2fsck 0.3, 93/04/22 for EXT2 FS 0.3a
        Reading tables
        Checking root directory
        e2fsck: root inode isn't a directory

And it stop. I have 2 hard drive:

        /dev/hda1 is Linux root
        /dev/hda2 is swap
        /dev/hdb1 is MS-DOS

It worked well with the DOS drive where I use MS-Windows.

Is there is a way of using e2fsck to recover my disk
/dev/hda1 ?

Thank you for any help.

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1. Partitioning a Maxtor 1.26 GIG Drive with VLB Read-Ahead Cache IDE Controler


You are going to love this quesion.

My brother has a Vesa Local Bus IDE-Control Card with Read Ahead Cache (2 1x9 1
meg simms that do local caching to accelerate my IDE Drives).

It works fine for his 340 Western Digital Drive.  Well, we just bought a 1260AT
Maxtor (1.26 Gig with Logical Block Addressing (LBA)).  I boot up linux (either
with the Boot and Root floppies making my new drive the master, or booting the
linux directly from his Western Digital drive, making hte new Maxtor a slave),
and I keep getting bad partition errors from the startup.  Well, I ignore those
errors and am able to partition the drive.  Then, I try using the mke2fs
command to format my new linux partition.  I keep getting these
ide_busy_status:  IDE_RESET messages.  I don't think it can access the
partition b/c of the combination of the Specialized IDE Card and the Maxtor's

I have the same exact drive, except I have a normal 16 bit IDE Control Card and
it works fine.

Any help would be very helpful.


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