Can 1.1.8 kernel support single IDE controller with 4 drives?

Can 1.1.8 kernel support single IDE controller with 4 drives?

Post by the Duc » Wed, 08 Jun 1994 13:17:41

can anyone tell me if kernel version 1.1.8 can support a single ide vlb
controller that supports 4 hard drives? and 4 floppies as well??

any info would be greatly appreciated...

I remember reading about this some time ago (6 mo?) but didnt follow it
because things werent important at the time :)

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I have read through countless HOW-TO's FAQ's and README's, looked at the
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The atdisk2 patch involves modifying a controller's "fingers", and
also was meant for a older kernel.

Directions, pointers to a FAQ I may have missed, or a flat "cant be done"
would be appreciated.

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