Xconfig for ATI VLB MACH32 with 2 meg VRAM & Crystalscan 1776 LE?

Xconfig for ATI VLB MACH32 with 2 meg VRAM & Crystalscan 1776 LE?

Post by Maureen Lecuo » Fri, 19 Aug 1994 01:05:34


First the release levels:  XFree86-2.1.1
                           Slackware 2.0

                           from the INFOMAGIC CDROM distribution 4/94
The hardware:
                         Gateway2000 66 EISA with 16meg real
                          Crystalscan 1776 LE monitor (17")
                          ATI MACH32 VLB card
                          MS serial mouse on COM2

I have struggled with the docs for XFREE86, and I have tried to use
ConfigXF86 and mkxconfig programs to create my Xconfig files.

With the former, even after fixing the 3buttonmouse emulation order
problem in the generated Xconfig, my screen turns light blue with
faint horizontal lines on it.  With the latter I get a weird messages
to wit:

       Not enough memory for requested virtual resolution (1536x1194)
       In addition to normal virtual screen size, mach32 X server
       requires a 1024x256 area of video memory for the caches.

While I am fairly well-versed in Unix, I am rather confused by the
video documentation for XFree, probably because I know little about
video hardware in general...

I intend to run X11/MOTIF 1.2.4 and WAFE 1.0.3 to do some software
engineering (I hope to port the latest release of wafe and place it
at sunsite).

Can anyone help me out please?

Maureen Lecuona

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