Telnet hangs

Telnet hangs

Post by Trevor Lamp » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 11:53:18

I posted this problem a while ago, and seen similar ones but no followups,
so here it goes again...

When I telnet into my Linux box the telnet session will often hang after
a while. It happens both over my LAN and SLIP link. I rely on this to
administer my machine. I've upgraded my kernel to 1.1.35 and it still
happens. Does anyone have a fix? Or should I migrate to *BSD which at
least seems to have decent networking code.

Trevor Lampre
System Administrator - Xanax Public Access Unix & Internet


1. Telnet hangs but NCSA Telnet doesn't

Hello.  I hope someone has had this same problem.

I've been able to successfully use NCSA Telnet while booted in DOS, while
on the same hardware, Linux telnet does not work...  it just leaves my
session hanging.  I'm using an SMC Ultra 16.  Linux seems to detect its
presence upon bootup, but I fail to see what is wrong.  I ran netconfig
(Slackware release) and answered all questions properly (i think).  The
addresses (name server, gateway etc...) were the same ones I got from the
CONFIG.TEL file in the NCSA setup.

My 486 is connected to a Cisco 2000 router which is connected to the
Internet.  Again, I can telnet anywhere using NCSA Telnet under DOS, but
Linux Telnet gets me nowhere.

I'd really appreciate any help.  Thanks.


Andy Connock                    |   Central Newfoundland Regional College
Headquarters Computing Services |          Grand Falls-Windsor, NF Canada

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