HELP needed for installing Linux (486 with an ESDI HD)

HELP needed for installing Linux (486 with an ESDI HD)

Post by Yuan-fang Wa » Tue, 23 Aug 1994 04:35:07

I tried insatlling Linux on my PC this weekend and failed.
My PC has an Intel 486DX CPU with AMI bios, and a 640M ESDI HD
by Fujitsu with an ESDI controller made by UltraStor (no SCSI or CD Rom).  

I tried many bootdisks including bare, Xt, Scsinet, and Modern,
and all of them complained that HD has more than 16 heads due to
nonstandard sector partition. I tried supplying HD configuration
with ramdisk at boot time to no avail. I was able to ignore
warning messages (complaining that partitions do not end at cylinder
boundary) from Linux fdisk and installed the "A" disk sets.
However, I was not able to boot with either Lilo or boot floppy
created during setup.

If you have any suggestions to what I can do to fix this problem,



1. Help with install on Compaq 486/33L,ESDI HD, SCSI CDROM

I am trying to install Trans-Ameritech Systems' Linux plus BSD (Slackware
distribution) on the following hardware.

Compaq Deskpro 486/33L
   CPU: Intel 80486DX
   MotherBoard: U153 rev K/M/W
?   BIOS:  
   Controllers:Built in IDE (floppy)
               Future Domain TMC850 based SCSI
               WD 1009V-EXT E011 K 46911 (from ESDI controller from Compaq)
   HardDisk: Maxtor model XT 876OEM ESDI Hard Disk (760MB)
?   CDROM:
   Graphics Adapter:Trident 8900 SVGA
   Serial Mouse

When I boot with the Boot/Root floppies the system refuses to recognize a
or Hard disk. I would like to know the bootstring parameters to recognize
devices. I would like to identify if this hardware configuration will work

-Renuke Mendis

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