Writing CD's: Kodak and mkisofs

Writing CD's: Kodak and mkisofs

Post by Alasdair Turnbu » Fri, 02 Sep 1994 04:07:37

Several weeks ago, I wrote asking for help because CD's written with our
Kodak PCD Writer were not mounting properly undex Linux.  After many
incredulous replies and much discussion, I was left feeling that the problem
was not in the Linux drivers but in the ISO imaging software that Kodak
distributes with their drives.

The writing software that comes with the Kodak version of the Phillips CD
writer has two components:

1) the ISO imaging software, called VMAP_ISO.EXE, and
2) the CD writing software, called CDRECORD.EXE

Testing the actual disks (supposedly ISO standard) with the test suite that
comes with mkisofs produced many errors about ISO violations and extensions.
Since CDRECORD can write image files produced by other imaging software, I
decided to test an image produced by mkisofs.  This image works wonderfully
on all machines and OS's that I've tried it on.

Thus, the problem seems to be with the ISO imaging software, VMAP_ISO.  For
those of you in a similar position, I used mkisofs to write the ISO image
to a DOS partition, then booted DOS to run CDRECORD.  I would have prefered
to use cdwrite but, for some reason, couldn't get it to work (sigh).

Anyway, hope this helps those with similar trouble.


1. Writing CD's: cdwrite and mkisofs

Recently, there was a discussion about writing data to Photo CDs using
the Phillips 521 PCD writer (also packaged as a Kodak writer).  The
conclusion drawn was that the writing software was creating a messy
(erroneous?) iso9660 filesystem.  It was suggested that I get copies of
mkisofs and cdwrite.  The first I got from tsx-11 but I can't find a copy
of the writing software.  If anyone knows where I can get it, I would be

Furthermore, there is no documentation to speak of that helps me understand
how I might use these programs, especially together.  Any idea where I
could get this?

Finally, I understood that the Phillips writer required data delivered at
at least 300Kbytes/sec and the Unix environments could not guarantee this
due to their multi-tasking nature.  Any problems here?  Since these disks
are expensive, I don't want to make any "coasters".

Thanks for all help.

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