Gnome 2 via Redcarpet Major Problem

Gnome 2 via Redcarpet Major Problem

Post by Steven Pagan » Sat, 23 Nov 2002 23:33:14

I just installed the latest updates for Gnome 2 via Red Carpet

Now when in X, if I click the "Foot--> Applications --> Internet" the menu
closes down, and the task bar refreshes (Disappears/reappears).  This
makes me have to load all internet applications via the terminal :-(

Now, second, and more important: after being in gnome for maybe 1 minute,
an infinate number of nautilus windows pop open forcing me to exit via
"CTRL+ALT+BKSPACE".  Also crash windows appear saying Nautilus crashed
because of something relating to the trace tripwire.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Steven Pagano
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1. major gnome problem!

Where does gnome store the menu structure? I need to manually edit it,
restore it, or delete it. whatever's possible.

I was using the menu editor adding an item to a sub menu, and accidentlyy
clicked save twice.  When I looked over at the menu tree I noticed that
the app that I had added was now the name of the folder that the app was
added to(with the app in the folder) and System Menus took on the app
name also(this is kind of hard to explain, I'll try a different way)

System Menus
   - parent
      - application

lets say I was adding application to the parent folder(under the system
menus as root, under so all users could access it)

when I hit save twice the structure became

   - application
       - application

the final application was the Item that I added, the next one up was
parent and the final is System Menus

after that I clicked on the Tree structure and the Menu editor crashed.  
I clicked on the gnome foot to see what happened to the menu's and only
User menus and RedHat menus showed up, System Menus vanished.

at that point I tried running gmenu from a Xterm window and got an error
- Cannot find GNOME installation -  or something like that I cannot
remember exactly, next problem shows why I cannot tell you.

after that I quit out of X, and restarted.  The panel didn't come up, but
the rest of the session did. I tried running panel manually and the error
saying that one is already running came up, I hit yes, but no panel

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