Term 1.12 and various problems, attempted solutions

Term 1.12 and various problems, attempted solutions

Post by Steve Kil » Fri, 25 Feb 1994 07:16:43

   Well, I have read all of the complaints about Term 1.12.  I have even
experienced some of the problems.  I took care of the speed trouble with
someone's advice to increase window and timeout.  Another problem, though,
seems to be bothering a lot of people.  Trsh does not exit cleanly.  When
I type exit in a trsh session it hangs until the local term daemon is
killed.  I looked throughout the code and even compared it to term 1.08.
I can not find where the problem might be.  The code specific to reading
input to trsh and exiting trsh is almost word for word identical between
1.12 and 1.08.  I did discover that trsh does exit cleanly from test.

   For some reason the do_read_into_buf (lib.c) returns a 0 when running
under test and trsh receives an exit.  This cause trsh to shut down
properly.  When using trsh in a "live" session do_read_into_buf returns
a "-1".  "bin/ksh" exits as it should, but trsh does not.  It goes back
to the select statement in select.c and waits for input that never comes.

   So far that is as close as I can get.  I just do not understand enough
to diagnose it much further, but I will keep trying.  I am hoping that
this information will lead someone with a little more knowledge to the
answer.  I have tried to get in touch with the author, but to no avail.

                                        Good luck,