TV+Radio card under redhat 7.1...

TV+Radio card under redhat 7.1...

Post by Petasis Georg » Fri, 11 May 2001 14:52:32

Hi all,

I have a tv+radio card (Xtreme 98 from AimsLabs which have closed ;-)).
Installing redhat does not seem to add support for this (all versions from
6 to 7.1). And I have never had any success working it with the precompiled
modules that came with the kernel.

What I did every after update/install, was to download the latest bttv
install the kernel sources, compile bttv and use that. At least the tv
worked that way.

Now that I have installed 7.1 with XFree 4.0.3, I was wondering if I could
anything better. I know that things like video4linux and the new XFree
XVideo (????) exist, but how I can use them? I have visited the
and red informations about these but I am not sure how I can set things up.
Although in my X server the v4l extension gets loaded, nor xawtv neither
work. Is the a tutorial/other info about these?




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first I say thanks to everyone, who send me information about the
problems I had with te full screen mode.
Now I can watch TV on my Linux system, but I can't listen to the radio.

* Can I listen to the radio with the BT848 module or I have to install a
special module for the Radio?
* Maybe if you have a Hauppauge TV/Radio Card send me your
"conf.modules" file and tell me wat kind of     Radio program you use.?

            Berco van Gool

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