The Linux Bible

The Linux Bible

Post by JANI KURKI-SUON » Mon, 05 Sep 1994 17:38:00

LC>I've found this book in a computer bookstore, called the Linux Bible.  It is
  >published by Yggdrasil Computing Inc., San Jose, CA.  It's ISBN is
  >1-88360-107x, and it retails for $52.95 CAN.

LC>I've got a pretty general knowledge of Linux.  It's installed on my
  >system, and I know enough to get by.

LC>I'd like to know if anyone has heard of this book, and if so, I'd like to

Well I have- even a copy of this book. It's great!

  >know what you think of it.  I've been told that it's the only actual book
  >on Linux available, and they've got no Canadian distributor.

Well you don't have to invent the wheel again with this book. Before
Linux I was a DOS/Mickey-soft newbie (aren't they all?). With this book
many problems occured with Linux have been solved. Allthought the book
isn't up-to-date in all the way.

If you're in business you should consider vendoring that book in
Canada. Some marketing and the book should be selling like hell. At
least it does in Finland.

LC>Basically, I'd like to know if the majority of Linux users would think
  >this book is worth the money/time/effort!

Well It is. I paid some 280 Finish Mark's which is approx. 50-60 US$. I
think it's well worth money for 800 pages of all that great information.
Off course, you can find all the documentation in electrical form, but
it is not worth money to torture your printer with all of that stuff.

LC>Thanks to everyone in advance!
  >- Colin -

You're welcome.

Jani Kurki-Suonio

PS. Sorry about that bad english I use- can't help it no more. Too old
to learn. ;-(

...but Linux is another thing!