Recommend for quick boot-shutdown?

Recommend for quick boot-shutdown?

Post by Offbre » Thu, 01 Aug 2002 11:12:33

This has to have been asked before, but I have not been able to find
it discussed anywhere.

I installed an old Caldera distro and it takes forever to boot and
shutdown, even longer than Windows does.

I have Mandrake 7.1 and RedHat 7.0 availible. Would one of those boot
and shutdown faster? Should I go looking for another distro and which?

Innovabook 480CDS
Pentium 100
64Megs RAM (IIRC)
2Gig HDD
PCMCIA modem or NIC (probably cannot use both at once)
PCMCIA USB (if I can find the card) CDRW
Parallel port Zip.

Mainly surfing and downloading, recording, and viewing books, text
files, etc. No games, maybe download a little music.

Experience level, Installed the Caldera a couple of times, but did not
do a good job (that version did not like LCD screens). Installed and
used DOS, win95, and win98.


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I've got a 266 PII PC with one EIDE hard-drive with Win95 installed.  I want
to add a second EIDE hard drive (probably around 4-6 Gb) and install RH
Linux 5.1 plus some other Linux s/w (like Oracle8.0.5 pre-production
release!  Yew!).  I want to be able to choose which O/S (ie. which
hard-drive) I boot from at power-on.  I'm not real good with hardware and
low-level stuff.  Do I need to purchase a good boot-loader?  Is there one
that anyone would recommend that works very well and is simple (and safe!)
to install for choosing boot between Linux and Win95?

Doubly thankful if you would respond via email as well as posting here!

Thanks and regards,

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