Need Help creating 200MB extended file system!

Need Help creating 200MB extended file system!

Post by abutt.. » Tue, 21 Mar 1995 03:28:14

I have got the SLS release of Linux off of a local BBS's      
CD-ROM. I have all 28 or so files. It runs fine off of disks A1
and a2. I have created a 200 Meg partition on my HD. I used    
Fdisk to change it to type 83 (Linux Extended File System)  
since my partition is greater that 64 MB. I then attempted to  
use mkefs to make the ext. file system, but that program I do  
not have on my disks. I DO have mek2fs, which I assume is a    
newer version of mkefs. I tried mke2fs /dev/hda2 205632. It    
appears to start working, giving two lines of something both  
equal to 0. Then it says Out of Memory. Then on the next line
it says killed. I am wondering what I am doing wrong. I don't
know what the switches (/v, etc) do when using mke2fs, since it
does not offer help on that subject. I have read every FAQ I
could find to no avail. Is it possile that the block size is
wrong since 205632/1024=200.8125 (not an even number).

I have 8 MB RAM so I don't see how I could possibly be out of

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer. Even if
you could just give me the e-mail address of some master of
Linux you happen to know. Thank you.

replies are preferred, although I will try to check back in the

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