What is happening for 'tty67: input overrun' ?

What is happening for 'tty67: input overrun' ?

Post by Michael O'Kee » Mon, 02 May 1994 16:26:29

Hi there.
I have installed getty_ps 2.0.7b as recommended in the Serial HOWTO.
And have installed the gettydefs correctly.

I can get a login prompt on my Serial 286, but when I hit ENTER
(with or without a login name) I get 'tty67 :input overrun' appearing on
the console.  I have tracked this to the kernel in ...drivers/char/tty_io.c
But I don't know what it is trying to tell me !!

I have:
Linux 1.0
gcc 2.5.7
386-33 3S/2P
/dev/mouse -> /dev/com1 -> /dev/cua0
/dev/modem -> /dev/com2 -> /dev/cua1
/dev/serial-pc -> /dev/com4 -> /dev/cua3
I have 2x16450's on 1 serial board, com[14]
And I have an 8250 (unjumperable) on com2.

Would responses be emailed to me or at work,

(My wife uses this account too much to MUD)

Please help me so I can get her off of my machine and onto the dumb
terminal !




1. weird 'input overrun' w/ agetty -- ?

i have two computers which i have linked via a home-made 3 wire serial
cable. computer A (linux 1.2.13 + kswap, 486dx/33 12mb, 16450 UART [i
know, i know -- it's temporary!]) has agetty running on ttyS2. the
inittab line looks like:

s1:45:respawn:/sbin/agetty -L 38400 /dev/ttyS2 vt100

(i had to specify /dev/ to get login to write to the device -- anyone know
about this?)

computer B is just running minicom so that i can login to computer A; then
i start a ppp connection.  anyway, when i first turn on computer A, agetty
begins to respawn over and over again. the error i am getting in my syslog

/sbin/agetty[...]: /dev/ttyS2 input overrun

this makes absolutely no sense, since there at this moment IS no input.
nothing is going through that serial line at all -- the other computer is
OFF -- but i can hear agetty in the background respawning over and over.

even stranger yet, if i were to login and logout through ttyS2 (before
init can disable it for 5mins, that is), this problem goes away.

any ideas on what the heck is going on? thanks..
oh, and i am running the agetty that came straight from slackware 3.0.


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