Compiling libc-4.4.4: what's mkimage?

Compiling libc-4.4.4: what's mkimage?

Post by Shamim P. Moham » Thu, 09 Dec 1993 11:57:04

I finally decided to upgrade my libc to 4.4.4, but I couldn't find a binary on
sunsite or tsx-11 (are they around anywhere?), so I thought ok, I'll just
compile it.... and it dies trying to find "mkimage" when I try to build a
shared version (make SHARED=true). I have no idea what this is, I just know I
don't have it! And it doesn't seem to be on sunsite or tsx-11. Make expects it
to be in /usr/dll/bin/mkimage, but I don't have /usr/dll (SLS 1.03). And
again, I couldn't find anything like "dll" at the standard sites.

So could someone (in decreasing order of preference):
   i) point me at a binary for 4.4.4;
  ii) show me where I find mkimage; or
 iii) show me DLL

(I have 1.3 installed.)



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