Yggdrasil Fall 94 disc won't install completely

Yggdrasil Fall 94 disc won't install completely

Post by Kirk Memb » Wed, 28 Sep 1994 22:31:17

I just got the Plug and Play Linux cd recently.  I've run the install about 20 times in the last
2 days!  Here's what happens:

1) boot from floppy, follow installation instructions
2) make boot floppy, restart system after halting
3) login at root and type xinit
4) goes into xwindow system and loads up control panel
5) (supposed to click on packages I want then it will install)
   I select packages then it gets the error log to come up and then (kinda) hangs.  Can still
   do stuff, but better to restart system.

I think the problem is that it is trying to get stuff from the cd and not writing source and
all of that stuff onto my hard disk (345 meg ide)

I also couldn't recompile my kernel for gravis ultrasound because there are no usr files on my
hard disk, everything is mapped to the system_cd/usr dirs.

If this is "Plug and Play" why doesn't it copy the stuff over correctly.  The book and the
manual on disc are the same, how to go through their boot script to install the disc.  It doesn't
talk about how to move anything else over.  Plus all the source and stuff is *.gz'd on the disc
so eventhough the path goes to the cd, it can't do squat because the files are compressed.

Any suggestions?  I feel like returning this thing, but I really like the environment if I could
get it going better.  Please tell me I'm just doing something wrong and it's not a crappy product!

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Yggdrasil Fall 94 disc won't install completely

Post by Daniel Quinl » Fri, 30 Sep 1994 09:49:29

[ lots of problems, deleted ]

Please get the errata from our FTP site:

        ftp.yggdrasil.com ( in /pub/fall94.