Ygg F94 PASSWD: Help!

Ygg F94 PASSWD: Help!

Post by Saggin Leopol » Sun, 12 Feb 1995 18:36:56

Hi all.
I'm a newbie of Linux and I got the Ygg Fall94 version.
I installed it successfully on my 486/40 with matsushita CD.
I changed all  things that are written in the "Errata" file fetch at
ftp.yggdrasil,com and everything works except for passwd.
I mean: I setup my personal login, called leo, as they describe in the
manual, by copying the contents of guest directories in leo:
cp ~r guest ~leo
chown -R leo ~leo
I also edit my /etc/passwd to insert the new account:
leo::20:50:Leopoldo Saggin:/home/leo:/bin/bash

I copied passwd from //system_cd/usr/bin  to  /bin
I set /usr/bin/passwd with chmod 4755

Now when I try to log as leo and set a passwd, it says to me:
Can't open /etc/ptmp after I re-type my passwd.
If I set the root passwd or I set leo passwd from root everything is ok.
It seems a problem of permission. Where I am wrong (or Ygg fails)?

Second question:
In the errata no. 7 they say to change the following permission:

# chmod +x /usr/src/linux/drivers/pcsnd/configure /usr/src/linux/makever.s

When I give this command, Linux reply that
There are no such files or directory
Is there any spelling mistake in the Ygg F94 errata relating to this?

Thank you in advance.
Please mail to:

Leopoldo Saggin

because I've problems to access to newsgroups.


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Hi all,

Heres my hardware config:

Gateway 2K P5-60 with 16M RAM w/ PCI bus and IDE controller
Master Conner IDE 540M HD
Slave Western Dig. 730 M HD
and so on...

I have Yggdrasils FAll 94 dist CD-ROM and Im trying to plug it in and
play with it.

Well, to start with, it doesnt recognise my CD-ROM drive so I did the
recommended thing and tried to start up by running RUNLINUX.BAT from
the  CD drive under DOS.

This seems to have a problem with EMM386. With EMM386 loaded EMS or
NOT) I get the error message:
EMM386: Unrecoverable privileged operation, Error #00: Press Enter to

Disabling EMM386 i.e. remming the line out of config.sys, and then
running RUNLINUX causes the machine to hang.  The CD-ROM lights flash
briefly and then the system hangs, not even responding to

Has anyone with the above config gotten past this stage at all? If so,
how? I think its time to turn to Slackware if I cant figure this out

Any help would be appreciated. I wouldl like to make the 39.95 I spent
count for something.


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