Getting smail+term to queue mail

Getting smail+term to queue mail

Post by Daniel Taub » Tue, 01 Feb 1994 02:26:21

I have smail+term configured so mail is sent fine while port 25 is
redirected to a remote machine. But, whenever I send mail while term is not
running, the mail is immediately bounced back to me with a header saying
that the smtp connection failed.  Does anyone know how to set up smail to
hold onto mail a few days before bouncing it back to the sender?



1. Term+smail does not queue mail??

I have term115 and smail installed. When I have the
term connection up and do a tredir 25 25, mail works
fine.  I can send mail out over the term connection.
However, without the term connection it fails:

... failed: (ERR_14 8) transport termsmtp: connect: Connection refused  

It fails in the sense mail is returned to the sender
rather than being queued.

This is really annoying. I should be able to write up
all my mail and then call up and do a  runq to send all
the queued mail, which is also  how it is alluded in the

It seems that somewhere in the smail jungle something
has to be set but where and what?


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