NEC CD-AT 160 SCSI Hostadapter

NEC CD-AT 160 SCSI Hostadapter

Post by Christoph Schlotma » Sat, 19 Nov 1994 22:15:48

Hello Linuxers,

I saw some postings on the net asking about the NEC CD-AT 160 SCSI
adapter to work under Linux. As I got mine to work, I went home and
looked how ...

I don't remember exactly the syntax of what I did (it's been loooooong
in the past and I'm getting old ;-) but I will try to tell you how to
get it to work.

You should be able to recompile a kernel yourself to do what I am
suggesting, so if you can't you should ask someone who can. Edit the
file "/usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi/g_NCR5380.h" and add one new line :

#define GENERIC_NCR5380_OVERRIDE {{0x258,-1,}};

just after the line

#define GENERIC_NCR5380_H

the meaning of the numbers is as follows :

0x258   : the address of your adapter +8 !! (not the BIOS -address!!!)

-1      : interrupts don't work

the empty place means : no dma support

Then configure your kernel to include generic 5380-support and build a
new one (on disk !). Try to boot with this kernel ---- it worked for
me :-)

You could also try to pass these options to lilo at the prompt, but I
don't remember the exact syntax (here at work I am not linuxing :-( so
I can't try how to do it)

What have you got now ?

Now should your SCSI adapter be recognized by linux , BUT

1. it is very slow

2. no external SCSI-devices will work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. linux won't boot if the external devices are NOT powered off

4. it won't work with all kernels (but with 1.1.44 for me)

I tried to upgrade to 1.1.51 - no luck, and I don't remember when the
generic NCR5380 driver appeared first in the kernel.

As far as I understand is the external connector (25-pin?!) a
*PPLE-M*CINTOSH-SCSI compatible slot. And if I read the scsi.faq
correctly it is not SCSI-compatible (what a pity, my external CD-ROM
is only accessible under MS-DOG :-(((. However, the internal Syquest
110 MB drive is working, so I think it should with other equipment,

Now I have a question to those people, who know what they are doing
with SCSI-drivers-code :

Is there a possibility to get external devices to work ?

Is there a possibility to get more performance ?

I know, you need more information, so

1. The BIOS claims to be "for the T160/260" SCSI-Hostadapter (I think
        even the name "Trantor" appears in that message)

2. The chip on the adapter (I hope I looked at the right one) was
        labeled "T101" (maybe numbers "one" or letters, my eyes are
        not so good ;-)

If you need more informations (the correct BIOS boot-message or ??) I
will try to get them.

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1. NEC 160 SCSI == Trantor SCSI T160??


A couple of days ago I tried to install Linux (infomagic's Oct. '94
release) on the following system:

Vobis 486 DX2 66, VLB/ISA, 16 Mb ram,
1 IDE drive (unknown), 1 EIDE (IDE mode) WD AC 2540 (540Mb) caviar (new)
NEC 3x CDROM drive with a NEC CD160 SCSI hostadaptor.

This NEC SCSI adaptor is not recognized by any of the boot-disks for scsi
Also the latest scsi boot disks from don't work.

However under DOS i noticed the following: The SCSI adaptor card was
fired up with a Trantor T160/T260 SCSI driver for Dos...

I'm almost desperate trying to install Linux...
Any Trantor of NEC scsi specialists outthere?

Any Info will help!


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