Help with GCC and Binkley Term under Linux (compile problem)

Help with GCC and Binkley Term under Linux (compile problem)

Post by Russ C » Mon, 30 Jan 1995 07:07:19

I am having a little trouble compiling BinkleyTerm 3.02 for Linux.
I hvae traced the problem down to a GCC problem with the
initialization of some structures.

There is a structure defined in bink.h as:

typedef struct {
   const char *state_name;
   int cdecl (*state_func)(void *, ...);


Then, later in the code, an attempt is made to initialize one
of these data types:

static STATES States_TxEmsiInit[] = {
  {  "TSWhackInit",   TSWhackInit     },
  {  "TSExit",                TSExit          },
  {  "TSWhackCR",     TSWhackCR       },
  {  "TSInitTxEMSI",  TSInitTxEMSI    }


Parameters being passed to gcc are:
-O -DUSG -DO_BINARY=0 -DLIBPATH=/usr/local/lib/bt -fwriteable-strings

Warning: Initialization from incompatible pointer type.
is the warning message.

All GCC does is complain about this type of initialization.  And its
in almost every file -- at least some sort of variation of this.
Is there a flag or something that I can use to let GCC compile this?
Although it is only a warning, Binkley is not working correctly, and
I am suspect of all these warnings.
I am using GCC 2.5.8.


-- Russ Cox