smail not working - help!

smail not working - help!

Post by Matthew C. Brinkho » Thu, 30 Sep 1993 00:02:22

I'm running basic SLS v1.02.  Recently, local mail stopped being delivered.
I get "failed: (ERR_133) transport local - file or directory does not exist"
in the errlog files.

I've got /usr/spool/mail set the the proper permissions - and if I use
/bin/mail instead of elm everything seems to work fine.

Any ideas?  <sigh>

Matt Brinkhoff


1. HELP smail is not working

In the process of trying to have term+mail I managed to
disable local mail on my machine.

I tried to restore the old config file in /var/lib/smail
and restart with  /usr/lib/sendmail -q10m

but it did not help
when I mail to myself. I get no error the computer seems to be
doing something, but when I check my mail

I get
No mail for dror

How can I reconfigure my mail in the simplest way, so that it
will work on again locally.
I read the mail documents and they were not helpful

any help will be appreciated.

NAME   Oz Dror, Los Angeles, California    <<SCO UNIX since  3/90>>

PHONE  (213) 874-7978  Fax (213) 874-7965

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