ATI Mach64, MAG DX17F, shadows in X window ?!

ATI Mach64, MAG DX17F, shadows in X window ?!

Post by S. H. Khay » Thu, 29 Jun 1995 04:00:00


I run linux with ATI Mach64 (2Meg VRAM) and MAG DX17F combo.
I see a barely visible shadow of windows and the X pointer on
my screen.
Is this a defect of the monitor or XF86Config is not set correctly?

I have generated my XF86Config file with  xf86config program. Everything
is perfect except the shadow problem which is to the right
and off by about 10 pixels from everything.
Any help or suggestion?



1. X-windows with ATI Mach64 + MAG DX17F

I'm trying to set up X-windows on my PC (Pentium 90, 16Mb, NCR53c810, 1Gb
SCSI-2 HD, ATI Mach64 with 2Mb VRAM, and MAG DX17F monitor, etc.) which
is running linux (the newest version, I assume, because I got it a week
ago). Could someone please email me the following info for XFree86Config:

(1) The Modeline(s) for the Mag DX17F monitor section.

work here, or do I need something different? I can't find anything more
specific to this monitor.)

(2) The value for the Driver line in the Screen section.

(Can I use "Accel"? The docs coming with Slackware don't say that "Accel"
includes the Match64 server.)

(3) The whole Device section for the ATI Mach64 card.

(The only thing I found is the clocks info, by running X -probeonly. But
the command gave no chipset info, nor did X -showconfig. Does this mean
something wrong?

BTW, I've had the Math64 driver installed, the path added, and the link
to the driver setup.

Many thanks!

  Yafei Li
  1158 Van Hise Hall
  UW-Madison, WI 53706

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