dosemu and mouse problems

dosemu and mouse problems

Post by Cecil Aswe » Sat, 21 Jan 1995 01:16:12

I downloaded and compiled dosemu0.52 and, following the documentation
got it alive with relatively littly difficulty. (Well, I did have to
re-read the quick start a couple of times...)  

The problem I am having is in the mouse driver.  I have a Logitech
Mouseman serial mouse.  I tried using the supplied driver which usually,
but not always, doesn't find the mouse. I then retrieved mouse702 and
gmouse from as recommended in the FAQ.  Both of these
find the mouse consistently.  However, none of the drivers, including the
logitech driver when it chooses to find the mouse, recognizes the mouse
as the three button device that it truely is. (I know it has three buttons.
I just did a recount.)

Thanks in advance,

Cecil Aswell