Help: Linux Slackware won't recognise my RLL drives.

Help: Linux Slackware won't recognise my RLL drives.

Post by Gorko » Sun, 05 Feb 1995 23:27:50

I'm using a 386/33 motherboard with ami bois, vga, 5mb ram, multi-io
board, and 2 Rll drives that I had on the macine befor upgrading.
The rll drives have an 8bit card, that work's with dos.
I'm using the xt kernal, is this the right one to use?
Am I doing something wrong?
Any help apreicated.

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        I've recently purchased slackware on CDROM but can't seem to get
the thing installed onto my system from the CDROM drive.  When I use the
idecd.gz boot disk I get no confimation that my drive exists and when I
try to run setup it says that it can't find a CDROM drive attached to
either the primary or secondary conroller.

        The problem, I suspect, is that the drive is attached to a
jumperless Mitsumi Mozart sound card.  The drive is also a Mitsumi but
has an IDE interface.  DOS/Windows have no problem with the drive but, of
course, DOS loads the proper drivers that configure the I/O address and
IRQ at bootup.

        If anyone has dealt with this problem before and found a
solution, I'd appreciate hearing it.  I know that if worse comes to worse
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T. Gibson

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