Post by Tai We » Mon, 06 Mar 1995 04:19:23

Here's my problem,

I've installed apsfilter and can print ps images fine.  But, it won't print
dvi files!  Metafont is installed, and i have created a mode for the bj200
at 360x360dpi in modes.mf.  But, MakeTeXPK doesn't have a guess for 360 dpi
devices.  What configuration file am I suppose to modify?

Thanx for any help,


1. Printcap for Canon BJ-200

I just purchased a Canon BJ-200 printer for my computer and am having trouble
finding a printcap file for it.  If there is anyone out there that may have
one or knows were to get one,  I'd appreciate it.  Also,  if there are any other
files or filters or whatever that may make my printer run more efficently I'd
appreciate it if you'd let me know.

Thanks for your time in this matter.

Jaroslaw Knap                          
Arizona State University                
Tempe, AZ  
phone: (602) 965 3604
fax  : (602) 965 1384                  


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