DOS disk on extended partition screws Linux

DOS disk on extended partition screws Linux

Post by Zhenya Sorok » Thu, 27 Jan 1994 00:42:29

I have a primary DOS disk c: (/dev/hda1) and a logical DOS disk d: on
an extended partition (/dev/hda5 on /dev/hda2). Both are MSDOS > 16 MB
and are correctly recognized by both DOS and Linux fdisk.

I'd like to see them from Linux as, say, /c and /d. The disk c: gets
mounted on /c without any problems (either in fstab or manually). However,
if I mount disk d: as /d then first attempt to ls /d screws Linux vtty!
It starts writing pseudographics instead of characters on screen (numbers
and characters like .,/ etc. remain). Also find command seemingly considers
files as directories and searches entire files.

I'm really desperate since it is exactly disk d: (not c:!) which contains
our data to be processed under Linux.

Any ideas?

Zhenya Sorokin

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thanks for any help,

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