Yggdrasil: Where's lilo-install?

Yggdrasil: Where's lilo-install?

Post by Amy Leu » Fri, 01 Jul 1994 09:26:30

Hello everyone!

I've got the LGX Summer '94 CDRom; but there seemed to be some discrepency
between the manual and the actual disc itself.  I'm trying to make changes
to 'lilo.conf', but then was unable to find the program to update the
changes (should be /etc/lilo/install according to the manual, but there
wasn't even such a directory /etc/lilo in both my hard-disk or the CDRom)

Anyone can tell me where the 'install' is located?  There's another
'install' elsewhere (?in /bin?  I forgot) but seems to be unrelated.

Many thanks.


                                                Amy Leung.


     MB,BS(HK) DCH(Ire)        Post: Flat 4B,2 University drive,Hong Kong


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