S3 864 and AcerView 33

S3 864 and AcerView 33

Post by Cheng Che F » Thu, 02 Mar 1995 00:46:14


I've just got a S3 864 video card to replace the Trident 8900D ISA card.
I tried hard to work on the Xconfig for this new card to work with my
AcerView 33 monitor.  I've read through all possible howtos but still cann't
make it work.

My Linux is Slackware 2.1.

Could someone give my his/her working Xconfig file to me for trying?  Thanks
a lot!


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1. Recommending S3-Trio64 over S3-864?

I have a Diamond Stealth 64 with Trio 764 chip.   That's about all I
know about it <G>    The 764 is called Trio because it combines the S3 CPU,
the RAMDAC and dot generator chips into one chip instead of three.  I expect
its a cost advantage.   Diamond says to use the 864 drive with the 764.  
Seems to work.

Diamond has also just announced a Diamond Stealth 64 2001, which uses an
ARK chip instead of a S3 chip.  Micron started shipping it in the last
week or two.     www.diamondmm.com has announcement.

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