ps/2 "/dev/ps2aux" X-Windows help?

ps/2 "/dev/ps2aux" X-Windows help?

Post by Arc Wa » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 12:43:30

        I have a Gateway2000 with a PS/2 Compatible Mouse and for some
        reason my mouse is losing its footing ;).

        It works, but when you move it slow it jumps and goes whichever
        way it wants to (like it was evading me).

        OS/2 Performance Beta, MS WFW 3.11 and DOS 6.20 all work fine with
        this mouse (one system using OS/2 Boot Manager).

        Yes, I recompiled the kernel with PS/2 and I am using 1.1.35 kernel.
        Any ideas?  I know I could get a serial mouse, but that would defeat
        the purpose of a busmouse.  I do not have Selection installed either.


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