Can I use Long File Names s/w with Linux-->DOS?

Can I use Long File Names s/w with Linux-->DOS?

Post by Charles Ehrlic » Sun, 08 Jan 1995 17:03:51

I have a DOS application that was ported from unix which causes
me a lot of pain because it insists on creating files with long file
names.  I have to do backflips to change the data structure in order
to get data out of it.

I'm wondering if anyone has attempted to use the new software
called "Long File Names?"  If so, has anyone tried to access a DOS
partition with LFN installed on it through Linux as a mounted
partition?  Does anyone know if there is anything fundamentally
limiting about DOS/Linux which would cause problems in the use
of LFN even if they haven't used it?

Much thanks.  Please reply to this group and my e-mail:



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