Is 3c507 Supported?

Is 3c507 Supported?

Post by Lazaro Di » Sun, 04 Sep 1994 11:23:45

Is the Etherlink 16 supported in kernels 1.35+?  I know a while back it
was in testing.??

-- Thanks.
-- Laz.


1. 3c507 support ??

I have been able to configure my linux 1.2.13 kernel to support my
3c507 cards and have a working peer-to-peer network. When trying to
use newer kernel sources I don't seem to get to choose this card. I
got several 1.3.xx and now 2.0 linux sources. When I do a make config
the 3c507 is not presented as one of the choices. I believe I want to
use CONFIG_EL16.  Help if you can.
dave d

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