Need Help with Mitsumi CDROM Drive

Need Help with Mitsumi CDROM Drive

Post by David Touve » Sat, 07 May 1994 10:49:27

I've recently installed Linux (Slackware distribution) and can't figure
out how to access my Mitsumi CDROM drive.  The Slackware Install program
asked if I had a CDROM drive and set up a /dev/mcd for it.  But how do I
get to it?  When I use mount w/o any parms it doesn't list it (just root,
os2, dos, and proc). The directory /mnt is empty. I've tried the command:
     mount -t iso9660 /dev/mcd /mnt        and it gives the error message
"wrong fs type, /dev/mcd already mounted, /mnt busy or other error".

I've read the HOWTO's and FAQ's and the user guide from LDP, but can't
find anything about mounting CD ROM drives. Have I missed a FAQ or HOWTO

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Need Help with Mitsumi CDROM Drive

Post by Dave Touve » Mon, 09 May 1994 10:14:57

Thanks to those who replied via email, my problems with the Mitsumi
CD-Rom have been solved.  I also received many requests for the solution,
so I'll put it here.

The kernel doesn't have the driver for the Mitsumi CD ROM drive compiled
into it, even though the install bootkernal may recognize the drive.
Therefore you have to recompile the kernel.  I finally found the details
in the README file on in the
pub/Linux/distributions/slackware/install/bootdisk/1_44meg directory. A
brief summary of the needed steps follows (stolen from that README file):

1) install the C compiler and kernel sources.

2) boot the system with the bootkernel disk you used to install the system.
   At the LILO prompt enter: mount root=/dev/<partition of your linux root>

3) login as root and enter the following commands:

        cd /usr/src/linux
        make config             (choose your drivers, including Mitsumi CD)
        make dep ; make clean ; make zlilo
        rdev -R /vmlinuz 1

4) reboot your system and you should be able to mount your cd rom drive with:

        mount /dev/mcd /mcd -t iso9660

I hope this helps other Linux/Mitsumi CD users. Judging by the number of
requests that I got for the solution, it seems to be a common problem.


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I just bought a Mitsumi drive.... how to I compe the kernel to use it?
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there anything else?

When booting the system it states thast the mitsumi initializtion

Current system:
IRQ 2 WD8003
IRQ3 & 4 Serial ports
IRQ 5 4 port card
IRQ 10 Future diomain SCSI
IRQ 11 Mitsumi interface
and co-processor  (IRQ 13?)

Do I need to set the IRQ to something (I looked and didn't find any
mention of it...)


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