Kernel problems with AMD chips?

Kernel problems with AMD chips?

Post by Jason R K » Sun, 17 Apr 1994 18:18:29


  I just helped a friend install Slackware 1.2.0 on his PC.  Installation
went great, it runs fine of the network (even installed via NFS) and
everything seemed to be going great for a while.

  BUT, we get "Illegal Instruction", "Failed load of /lib/", and
other such messages and seemingly random times.  It seems to have
something to do with his AMD CPU.  It's a 40 mhz 386-clone, and most of
the problems seem to disappear when we crank the speed down to 16 mhz.

  I know that there are specific patches for the kernel that have to do
with cache-logic on Cyrix CPUs, and I think a while back I saw a mention of
something similar for AMD chips as well.

  I've looked every place I could think of (FAQs, Meta-FAQ, HOWTOs,
sunsite and tsx-11) and haven't found anything related to the AMD chips.
If anyone knows anything about problems like these, or could point me
int the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

  Thanks in advance,

  Jason Kay

  BYU CS Department Systems Programmer
  "To ask is but a moment's shame; Ignorance is a lifetime's shame."


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