setting the time zone in linux

setting the time zone in linux

Post by R. J. Wol » Mon, 20 Jun 1994 04:31:50

How does one persuade linux to show the time (via date) in any time
zone other than GMT?

R. J. Wolfe
DePaul University


setting the time zone in linux

Post by Oliver Wu » Mon, 20 Jun 1994 23:42:40

Go to the directory /usr/lib/zoneinfo and copy the file, describing your timezone
to 'localtime'. Then create a symbolic link to 'posixrules'.
If you set the TZ - Variable in /etc/profile, the name, displayed by date, will be

cp CET localtime
ln -s localtime posixrules
TZ=MEZ-1MESZ; export TZ  (not for csh)
-> Sun Jun 19 16:34:54 MESZ 1994

Hope this helps,
Oliver Wurm
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1. how to set time and time zone correctly?

date returned by "date" on my linux system is always 4 hours behind
the real time, with something like this:
Mon Jul  1 09:37:22 EDT 1996
when the real time 13:37 EDT.

I think that my PC's machine clock is 13:37. It looks that linux think
the machine's time is GMT, thus set the local time (EDT) to 09:37.
How can I make linux think that the machine's time is local time,
rather than GMT?

I also found that just after I started the system, I got:
Mon Jul  1 13:37:22 1996
without the timezone. Shortly I will get:
Mon Jul  1 09:37:22 EDT 1996

if I use "date" to set the new date to "13:37:22", I think that it will
set the machine's clock to "17:37:22". Thus the time within windows and
DOS won't be correct.

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.


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