BusTek BT-747 (EISA) and > 16MB RAM

BusTek BT-747 (EISA) and > 16MB RAM

Post by John R. Campbe » Thu, 04 Nov 1993 08:00:17

Can anybody tell me whether the 747 (and Linux's driver) can handle the
ability to access, say, 32MB of RAM?  The motherboard I'm using is from
a Continental and has enough SIMM space for 64MB and I'd like to know
if I can scale it up.

Of course, if more than 16MB is a problem, I can always allocate the
extra RAM as a RAM drive (for the swap space?).


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I have an EISA motherboard, but all my current controller cards are
ISA.  I expect to add more then 16MB of memory before upgrading the
controller cards to EISA cards.  I did a quick look in both the FAQ and
some of the kernal stuff, but no where did I see anything like the
sysvr4 DMAMAXPAGE parameter that tells sysvr4 to restrict DMA to memory
below 16MB.

Is there a parameter like this in linux?  Can this be done on a per
controller basis, ie EISA disk, but ISA ethernet and serial cards?

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