Making assembler files 'compiled w/debug'

Making assembler files 'compiled w/debug'

Post by Marc L. All » Fri, 21 Oct 1994 00:47:28

I finally managed to hack at the DLL tools so that I could correctly debug
into the shared library, but I've got another minor problem.

The jump table is generated by mkimage and then assembled with as.  But the
result isn't 'compiled with debug' according to gdb.  As a result, when I
'step' into a jump table function, I step over it, instead.  (If I set a
break point at the real entry (not the jump table) everything is fine, since
my symbols include everything except the jump table.)

I've checked over the as manual and I can't see how to include whatever gdb
wants to let me step into the jump table.  I know I can use stepi, but is
there another way?

Anyone else having these problems?

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