SRM RH7.2 install on Multia problems

SRM RH7.2 install on Multia problems

Post by J. Karl Meinhar » Fri, 28 Mar 2003 03:27:24

Hello out there,

I am trying to install Redhat 7.2 from iso images from Compaqs site
and encountered the following problem:

When with no flags:
boot DKA400
anaconda trys to boot X and fails because of the TGA adapter resident
in the Multia.

When I try to boot from SRM with flags text install eg.:
boot DKA400 -file /kernels/vmlinux.gz -flags "root=/dev/scd0
initrd=images/ramdisk.img text"

I get the folloeing message in the SRM:
"waiting for the ide to change mode to 2..."

Is there a work around?
Should I install an older version of Redhat v5.2 or v6.2 and upgrade
to v7.2?

Thanks in advance,


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I booted my new multia today, and it won't enter either ARC or SRM.
Previously, while I got ready to install RH 5.1, I was able to boot into ARC
and SRM.  I turned off the multia for a week and was all ready to begin
working on it today, but no dice.

Here is what I see:

"Multia SRM Console    BL3 X3.5-72, built on Nov 30 1994 at 18:22:35
 Testing Memory from 800000 to 1dd0000
 Setting console to Boot mode..."

This is all I see.  The multia hangs at this point.

Any ideas?


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