Printing / Compiling problems with Linux 1.1.50

Printing / Compiling problems with Linux 1.1.50

Post by Jon Lass » Fri, 07 Oct 1994 21:40:00

I've been having problems with printing under Linux 1.1.50.

Under Linux 1.1.44 (the last patchlevel I had before 1.1.50), I had no
problems with printing.  It's a standard Parallell port connection, to a
DeskJet 500.  After installing the .50 kernel, Linux reports LP1

I figured that perhaps it was because I had compiled PLIP support into
the kernel, but when I tried to recompile it, I got all sorts of
messages about undefined symbols.  This is what I had before I had my
symlinks for 1.1.50 set up correctly.  But it compiled before! I tried
making the symlinks by hand, but it still wouldn't compile.  How should
they be set up?

Please reply by e-mail (I don't have the time to keep up with the
bandwith of this newsgroup!)

Jon Lasser


1. Compiling kernel 1.1.50

Hello all!

I am trying to recompile kernel 1.1.50 patched from 1.1.44.  My problem
is that everytime that I start make config it gives me an error when the
sound card configuration comes up.  This error stops make all together.  
I think the error is something like "no such command"  or "invalid
switch".  It goes by so fast I can't usually see the error.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?

Jared Proudfoot


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