Ftape on Linux 1.0

Ftape on Linux 1.0

Post by James Turn » Fri, 25 Mar 1994 19:26:41

I am trying to setup ftape.

I have : ftape-0.9.10
         linux-1.0 kernel
         a 486DX-33 computer
         Jumbo 250 Tape drive - connected through floppy controller, I
have removed my high speed controller.

I have followed the instructions in the Install-guide but when I compile
the tape driver it seems to compile OK.  I can do a retension on the
tape, but when I try to write to the tape I get a :

tar (child): can't write to /dev/ftape : I/O error
Broken pipe

Can anyone help me with this.  Oh...BTW I am currently using preformatted
tapes from 3M.

Thanks in Advance,



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