pl12 - umount: /dev/fd0: device is busy

pl12 - umount: /dev/fd0: device is busy

Post by Arlindo Olivei » Sun, 22 Aug 1993 03:49:30

 After upgrading to pl12 and libc4.4.2, umount fails to unmount
devices with the above error.

 This happens even when no process is using the mounted device (nor
does anyone have that directory as the default dir).

 The same symptoms happen when shutting down. The reboot command
cannot umount /usr and (sometimes) cannot umount /home.

 None of this happened with linux0.99pl10.

 This is not the usual problem of not beeing able to umount /. My
system has / as a 10Meg minix, /usr and /home as 100Meg ext2 fs.

 I heard at least another complain about this but no solutions. Does
anybody else suffer from the same problem.

  Thank's for any help



1. umount /dev/fd0 busy?

I suspect one of your sessions is still using the drive.

There is a better way that escapes me for now but simply use the pwd command
and make sure none of the screens are still defaulted to the floppy drive.

If they are use the cd command to take yourself back to your home directory.

You should then be able to unmount the drive.

Dave Allen, Network Engineer    NZ Dairy Group of Companies
                                New Zealand


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