Help - Looking For Backup Scripts - Backup 1.0 Problems

Help - Looking For Backup Scripts - Backup 1.0 Problems

Post by Brian Kram » Wed, 03 Aug 1994 19:28:36

I have backup-1.0 from sunsite.  But it never completes from CROND.
Always hangs.  Can anyone suggest decent backup procedures for
a dat drive?



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1. HELP WITH BACKUP 1.0 Scripts

I have been using the backup scripts and am wondering:

1) can I do more than one backup on a tape?  i.e. do a full backup on Sunday
and then a partial monday - sat on the same tape?  I have been and just
now realized that when I restore I only restore the latest incremental

2) If I can how do I restore from other backups other than the latest

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