extended TEXT modes on ET4000 SVGA??

extended TEXT modes on ET4000 SVGA??

Post by Greg McGa » Thu, 06 Jan 1994 13:24:32

My ET4000 SVGA card is capable of handling extended
text modes.  The one I rely on is 100x40.  Does linux
support such modes for the system console, or must I go
to the trouble of installing X to get a bigger screen
than 80x25?

I've searched through a number of FAQs and HOWTOs,
but haven't yet seen this issue addressed.

Please Cc: me via email.


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1. svgalib + ET4000 + SVGA text mode(s)

        I'm having a problem with svgalib-based programs on my
ET4000-based Linux system under certain conditions and am posting to
see if others experience the same trouble.  If I boot my system in the
100x40 text mode, the display for any svgalib-based program
(i.e. sasteroids or any of the demos which come with svgalib) is
shifted down by about 1/2 screen.  This means the top half of the
display appears on the bottom half of my monitor and what should be
the bottom half is at the top.  If I boot my system in 80x25 text
mode, this problem does not occur.

        I have svgalib configured to dynamically detect my hardware
setup, which it seems to do correctly.  When I play e.g. sasteroids
there is a message about using the ET4000 video driver and some model
of AT&T RAMDAC.  I don't have the info handy, but it is, I believe,

        I have run the 'TSENG3.EXE' program under MS-DOS and copied
the resulting regs file as /usr/local/lib/libvga.et4000.  In short, I
believe I have everything configured properly but it just doesn't work

others, though I assume they'll behave similarly).  I prefer the svga
text modes to 80x25, so I'd like to get this resolved.

        Does anyone else out there experience similar or identical
behavior or am I the only one?  Oh, I almost forgot to mention.  This
is with svgalib-111, but has worked the same way with every previous
version of svgalib I've tried.  Other applications (i.e. dosemu and
XFree86-2.1) work happily regardless of which video mode I boot under.


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