Newbie - Soundcard and modem installation

Newbie - Soundcard and modem installation

Post by Steve Tere » Mon, 12 Nov 2001 20:54:38

I have just installed Caldera Linux, after a weekend of frustration.  So
far, so good.
I have a Maestro2 ES 1968S soundcard that wasn't detected.  The Open Sound
System instructions didn't help; something about recompiling the kernel (I
don't even know where to find that beast).  I would like it if Linux made
some sound.
I also have a Conexant SoftK56 Data, Fax, Speakerphone modem.  I would like
to connect to my ISP through Linux.
Can someone help?  How do I find, load and enable drivers for these devices?
Are there any tricks to connecting to www through Linux/Netscape?

Steve Terek


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I have recently installed Redhat 5.1.  I have configured everything
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cannot remember the exact wording.  As for my modem, it has no jumper
switches and is purely plug and play.  I tried to use the isapnptools
package but I do not believwe that I am using them correctly.  Can
someone help me please.  I'm tired of returning to Windows to connect
to the Internet

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