TI34010 X-server? _Great_ deal! (not in FAQ)

TI34010 X-server? _Great_ deal! (not in FAQ)

Post by Kevin Burt » Sat, 14 Aug 1993 22:58:29

    Does anyone know if there is an X-server/driver for the TIGA
(Texas Instruments Graphics Architecture/Adapter) 34010/34020 chips?

    They are graphics processors, not accellorators.(sp?) Normally
boards made with these chips are used on workstations running CAD or
some other graphics intensive application. They are programmable, so
it seems they would be ideal for use as an X-server to offload the
graphics work from the CPU.

    I recently found a company selling 20" 1280x1024 monitors, with
a 2M 34010 graphics card (package) (1280x1024x256) for $799 _NEW_!
The monitors, by the way, are Hitachi.                 ^^^^

    One thing I've noticed about some TIGA cards is that they have
no VGA on board, so they are normally used as a secondary video.
You can probably run both displays at once, like what you can now
do with a VGA and CGA. I also run AutoCAD, so a TIGA would be even
better than my VL-Bus ET4000!

    They may be similar to the older models used by Sun. If so, I'm
not sure I'd want one, they are curved like a basketball -> [) <-
    I know if they aren't the round ones, this is a _great_ deal on
the monitor alone, so don't flame me for not wanting to waste a
high perfomance graphics engine.

    I really need/want to know if anyone has/is working on the
above decribed driver/server.

Respond to:

Kevin Burtch

    Very much! :)

    Yes, I know I'm getting silly with the text formatting! :)


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