CD-Rom for Linux , Suggestion, Please.

CD-Rom for Linux , Suggestion, Please.

Post by Shuo-jen » Tue, 07 Dec 1993 12:43:16

 I am thinking buying a CD-Rom and use the CD-Rom version linux.
What kinds of CD-Roms can be used ? What is the different between
Disks version linux and CD-Rom version linux ? Will CD-Rom linux
use less Hard Disk space than original linux ? How many software can be
used on linux CD-rom ? Where to get them ?

Shuo-jen Wu


1. Universal CD-ROM resells LINUX CD-ROM

        Universal CD-ROM (tm) resells various Linux CD-ROM Titles. If
you know some other place offers better price, please let us know, we will
try to match.

        The price does not include shipping and California sales tax (if
applicable).  We accept Visa/MasterCharge Card.

        Universal CD-ROM (tm)
        1645 S. Bascom Ave., #7
        Campbell, CA 95008


LINUX 1.0  for  $20 + Shipping $3 + California Sales tax if applicable.

By InfoMagic, Linux CD-ROM new release in 4/94, is a double CD set
containing the entire archives from and  In addition the disc contains the TAMU
1.0-A distribution and the complete GNU Source archive from

Important version numbers:

Kernel 1.0
SLS 1.0.5
TAMU 1.0-A
Debian 0.91 Beta

The SLS bootdisks have been customized to allow
installation directly from the CD.

End of Note

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