SLIP on demand

SLIP on demand

Post by Daniel Brockha » Sat, 10 Sep 1994 05:02:45

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a method to establish a SLIP connection only when it's needed.
If there is a connection request for an IP address that is only reachable
via SLIP the call should be placed, the SLIP channel initiated and the
connection established. Is this possible?

Thanx, Danny

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1. ANNOUNCE: Alpha demand dialer for SLIP/PPP available for testing

I have recently been doing some spare time work on on a daemon to support
dail on demand for both SLIP and PPP links under linux. The daemon
may also work on other platforms, but I can't give and guarrentee's.
My work has now reached a stage where I am ready to do some alpha testing.
If you are interested in testing this code you can find it at:

Eventually it should move to:

Sorry, there are no precompiled binaries in this distribution.

There are some known problems with this release:

* It won't support SLIP links with dynamic IP assignment.
* When using a PPP link if it goes down and comes back up
  (the deamon will force a restablish) your existing TCP
  connections may be frozen. This seems to be a problem in the
  kernel routing code.
* The daemon can go into a loop attempting to restablish
  a connection forever if your modem gets wedge. The daemon
  should really time out.
* The daemon attempts to do a fast link take down when there
  are no TCP connections (6 seconds idle time by
  default). This has two problems:
  - the daemon only knows how to count the total number of TCP
    connections on your system, so if you have a local net the
    number of connections may never go to 0.
  - services that use connectionless protocols, such as Mosaic,
    may cause the link to spend a lot of time going up and coming down.

Suggested fixes to any of these problems are welcome!


Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto


Be sure to include Keywords: and a short description of your software.

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