How do I talk to mailserv on sunsite?

How do I talk to mailserv on sunsite?

Post by Liang Ch » Mon, 01 Aug 1994 09:13:44

I read LINUX META howto -

    It looks like SunSite has a mailserv for public. I have
    the address, but I do not know HOWTO. I know Simtel and
    Garbo provid mailserv. Also they provid the method to
    get the list, base on list you can get the item  ...
    Since I do not have ftp, is posible  that someone
    can provid some instructions HOWTO using SunSite's
    mailserv. Thanks.


1. MailServ in SunSite? How?

I have learn from Linux Meta HOWTO - There is a mailserv on SunSite.

    However, I did not find the way HOWTO use this mailserv. Could
    someone provid more informations about -

       What need to be put in the subject?
       What need too be put in the mail body?
       How do I get current list of files from sunsite?


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