talk not working with pl12/net-2, loopback only : network unreachable

talk not working with pl12/net-2, loopback only : network unreachable

Post by Michael E. Bra » Sun, 22 Aug 1993 21:09:56

I am running 0.99pl12 kernel with net-2's net-std, net-base and net-010.
All seem to be running properly - telnet, ftp, tftp to localhost are
working, localhost is perfectly ping-able etc etc. However, talk is not
working. After invoking talk, I get the following message:

[No connection yet]
[Error on write to talk daemon : Network is unreachable (101)]

Things that I checked:

- talk/ntalk is present in /etc/inetd.conf, /etc/services
- netstat -u shows ntalk/talk (though (STATE) field is empty...huh? tftp is
also shown in the same way though, but it works)

Any pointers on how to fix that?

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