Installing Slackware 2.0 from DOS partition

Installing Slackware 2.0 from DOS partition

Post by Hylton Raymond Peim » Mon, 05 Dec 1994 16:19:26

I am trying to install Linux from the "Toolkit for Linux" CD-ROM. Since
I have been unable to mount my cd-rom with yet I have tried to install
disk set A from my DOS partition.

So I have
               C:\SLACKWAR\A\ <-- a whole lot of directories here.

When I boot Linux and run "setup" (swap partition etc. is prepared)
and I try to INSTALL the files:

   the source partition is: /dev/hda1

   the source directory is: /slackwar

The following error occurs:


     Can't find a disk series a in the source directory

 Skipping it.

Please help! Email me at the address below.


1. Help: Cannot access DOS partition after installing 2.0 & new LILO


Yesterday I installed kernel 2.0 and LILO 19. The installation is successful,
and I can boot my new kernel. However, it destroyed the superblock of one of
my DOS/Win95 partition. Here is my configuration:

        /dev/hda1:      C:, Windows 95 Driver Space 3 Compressed
                        Before compression, ~800M.
        /dev/hda2:      D:, no compression, ~250M.
        /dev/hdb1:      Swap for Linux, ~20M
        /dev/hdb2:      Linux native (everything for Linux), ~400M.

I can mount /dev/hda2 and access the files there, but mounting /dev/hda1
gives the error message like "incorrect fs type or bad superblock". Since
/dev/hda1 is also the bootable for DOS, LILO is unable to boot to DOS also.

When I try dosfsck on /dev/hda1, it says it only supports 2 FATs, but /dev/hda1
has 194 FATs.

When I try fdisk on /dev/hda, partition 1 is still there with correct blcok
size and id, also, with a * to indicate it is bootable.

I don't want to lose my data on /dev/hda1, could anybody give any hints on
how to fix this problem?


Jinan Lou

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