GCC documentation

GCC documentation

Post by WilRo » Mon, 12 Dec 1994 12:45:28

I have gcc installed and running, but I can't seem to locate any
on any of the header files/libraries.  I'm pretty sure there's lots of
stuff in there, but I have no idea what does what besides the standard

1. Need INFO and GCC documentation advice

I am beginning to use gcc to practice my programming skills after about
a 10 year pause.  I have info on my system (Slackware-Redhat hybrid
Linux box) and it sucks.  Mainly because I think my info files are very
old and buggy and I only have the info command and emacs to read them
with, both of which I don't like.

Is there a nice simple X-based info reader out there, of similar
straightforward feel to the nedit editor?

Is there some other source of gcc reference information besides info
that I should know about?  

Any info about info and how to get info with which to learn to use the
gcc compiler would be appreciated.

Christopher R. Carlen

My OS is Linux v2

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