Sound Record/Play for X

Sound Record/Play for X

Post by Steve Huxfor » Sun, 08 Jan 1995 01:26:22

 Does anyone out there know of a decent sound tool for Xwindows that I
 can use on my linux box.

        At work I use audiotool which is an Openwindows thingamajig.
 Is there anything similar around for Linux? If so , where can I ftp
 it from?

 I'll post a summary back to the group if I get a good response.

 Can you please reply to my email address because i seem to have stopped getting the
 digest verion of this newsgroup and dont know how to get it back again.

 Thanks in advance.

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1. Recording and playing sound on Creative SB64 PCI

I am having a problem with recording and playing sound on a Creative
Soundblaster 64 PCI using wavplay/wavrec: The only answer I get from
either program is:
Invalid argument: Audio block size (64 bytes)

Can anyone tell me how to record sound from the mic with wavrec or
point me to another program that I can use for that purpose? It would
be nice to be able to play wavs with wavplay as well but rplay works
for me so there is no real need for it.

I am running kernel 2.2.6 with the ES1371-driver (the one my card says
it has on it) compiled as a module. Further specs (if needed): AMD
K6-2 processor, 64MB RAM, KDE 1.1

Playing sound with rplay or cat (cat soundfile.wav >/dev/dsp) works
fine even for ordinary users (permissions on /dev/dsp are 666,
i.e. every user can read from and write to that device).

Two more things:
a) I do not have any money to spend on that matter and
b) I do not really need to record sound, it would just be nice to be
   able to do it
So suggesting to buy the commercial OSS/Linux (if it would work) or
some other commercial program would not solve my problem.

I hope someone can help me.

Michael Schmeing, Artillerieweg 46, D-26129 Oldenburg

www: http://www.Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE/~michae2

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